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– A Place of Springs

A sensitively-written account of a musician caught in a rupture of history, the potentially devastating impact this has on his life and his gradual rehabilitation. Music runs through the book as a connecting thread and the powerful force which pulls Daniel back from the brink of despair.

Frances Wilson – pianist, writer and concert reviewer

There’s a freshness and honesty in the narrative, interspersed with moments of real insight, as the bittersweet nature of desire and memory is skilfully portrayed. The power of music to sustain and heal, was one of the more extraordinary features of the Siege of Sarajevo in particular. In ‘A Place of Springs’ the author has created from the events of that destructive period a love story which resonates long after the last page.

Sarah Drury

I started your book and quite literally couldn’t put it down – even reading it between meetings. It is a highly addictive story and you brought all the characters to life; I have very vivid pictures of them and I cared what was happening to them. I am finding myself missing the read and I shall be first in the queue for the sequel.

Lisa Watts – Letchworth Reading Group

Three great themes run through this haunting and memorable novel – tragedy, love and music, and each of them is treated with real knowledge and sensitivity, so that the central love story is itself a work of art.

Charles Seely

A compelling and well-researched evocation of the effects on various lives, of Sarajevo before, during and after the Siege, melding the individual strands into a poignant and powerful story.

Gill Hardman

A compelling love story that is also a tapestry of warfare and musical performance, suffering and reconciliation.  …, informative and totally captivating.

Margaret Seebohm

From 15 year old Irena’s idyllically happy family life in 1990s Sarajevo to its violent extinction at the start of the Bosnian war, this story of enduring love and courage explores the capability of the human spirit to survive under torture and brutality. The enduring thread that binds family and lovers is the profound love and knowledge of the interpretation of music, which sparkles both with humour and joie de vivre. It is unputdownable.

Brenda Hart

This is a compelling read. The moving story of the enduring love of two people both damaged by the war in Bosnia and their shared passion for music is sensitively written and makes a remarkable book.

Jane Macintosh

Captivating and evocatively written, this first novel charts the lives of two musicians caught up in the fall of Sarajevo, where they are drawn together by compassion, love and the power of music as they come to terms with the atrocities of war. 
This epic and passionate tale, evocatively written, quickly draws you in and is difficult to put down.

Frances Lloyd

Hannah Colby

A Place of Springs

A Place of Springs is a complex novel of epic scope, which explores the physical and psychological damage inflicted by war.

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